Our Work

What Is ICGC?

The International Center for Growth in Connection (ICGC) is a national non-profit think and action tank, passionate about fostering authentic connection across difference. We are home to Relational-Cultural Theory, singled out by the American Psychological Association (APA) as one of the ten most important theories in the field of human development today. As a convener and thought-leader, we strive to lead a national conversation about how to create a more relational world.

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At ICGC, we see ourselves as a “mother ship” of sorts, a gathering place for those who hold a relational perspective and a source for growing the work of Relational-Cultural Theory more intentionally. We aspire to amplify this work and optimize its impact through our core competencies:

Provide national and international thought-leadership through publications, speeches, conference presentations, opinion editorials, and articles for traditional and social media

Convene and provide guidance to the growing body of researchers and practitioners around the world who are embracing Relational-Cultural Theory in their own work

Develop robust curricula that can be taught and then adapted by others who bring Relational-Cultural Theory into the world with fidelity

Provide clinical supervision

Teach courses and workshops in secondary and post-secondary education

Consult to non-profit and governmental organizations  

Offer fellowships to grow the body of work and award prizes to incent relational ways of being 

Facilitate community conversations

Collaborate with robust network of partners and close allies

Affinity groups for like-minded professionals

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