Current Topics

RCT History


2011 Roundtable

with Judith V. Jordan, Maureen Walker, and Amy Banks

Part 1:
The founding of Relational-Cultural Theory

Part 2:
Discovering the Brain Connection

Part 3:
Celebrating the Power of Connection


One Idea Podcoast: Ep. 186

Psychiatrist, Educator, and Author, Dr. Amy Banks: Rewire Your Brain For Stronger, More Rewarding Relationships

My Racist Friend: Ep. 2.1

When Getting Along is Not Enough

Tea & Tech with Monica & Peter Rysavy Podcast: Ep. 6

Dr. Harriet L. Schwartz, Professor at Carlow University

The Tapestry Podcast

Relationships and Race with Harriet L. Schwartz

The Highly Sensitive Person's Podcast: #70

Loneliness & the importance of relationships, with Dr. Amy Banks

Think UDL: Ep. 65

Relational Cultural Theory and UDL with Harriet Schwart

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