Journalist Christina Robb began to share the story of this emerging theory of growth-in-relation through her article “A New Theory of Empathy,” a Boston Globe Magazine cover story (October 16, 1988). “The article became an underground ‘best seller,’” recalls Judith V. Jordan, PhD.

“The letter was copied – we called it xeroxed at that time (!!!) – and people sent it to friends and relatives all over the country.” Years later, people were sharing their dog-eared copies of this article and writing to thank us for listening to the voices of women.”

Robb went on to write “This Changes Everything: The Relational Revolution in Psychology,” published by Picador in 2006 – providing an intellectual history of RCT through the early 2000s. A Boston Globe reviewer wrote “In This Changes Everything, Christina Robb has recounted, in magnificent manner, the evolution of relational psychology and with it the transformation of contemporary psychological theory and practice.”

-Submitted by Harriet L. Schwartz, PhD (4.20.21)