In 1987 the Harvard Medical School joined the Stone Center in offering a biennial continuing education program called, appropriately, “Learning from Women.” Jean Baker Miller, Carol Gilligan, Judy Herman and their respective groups came together to present a new understanding of girls and women. The wildly-popular series drew anywhere from 500 to 2000 people per lecture.

Judy Jordan remembers: “We wished to emphasize the power of relationships throughout our lives (positive, growth- fostering relationships) and we questioned the usefulness of the concept of a separate self in understanding women…and eventually men as well. The first couple of years, the turnout was tremendous…tremendous vibrant excitement in the Park Plaza in Boston. People were very excited! We felt we were taking on the establishinment in offering a new explanation of human development. There was a sense we were doing something courageous, pushing against the establishment. People were relieved to hear a message that resonated with their experience.”

-Submitted by Judith V. Jordan, PhD & Lisa Eible, PhD (4.18.21)