Jean Baker Miller, M.D., Judith V. Jordan, PhD, Irene Stiver, PhD, and Janet Surrey, PhD began meeting in 1977 in what would become known as the “Monday Night Group.” Miller, a psychiatrist, and the others psychologists, met in Jean’s living room and building on Toward a New Psychology of Women began the work that would become Relational Cultural Theory.

Judith V Jordan reflects on the Monday Night Group: “This internationally recognized theory was created by a group of four women who came together initially to learn and to support one another as we navigated the patriarchal health systems in which we worked. We met twice a month in Jean’s living room, where an antique and handmade quilt served as a reminder of the joy and creativity of working together to create something enduring, meaningful and comforting. In this safe context we began to question much of what we had been taught about healthy psychological development.

Buoyed up by, and respected by, one another, we four founders of RCT (Jean, Irene, Jan and I) were passionate and hopeful in our search for a better way for people to realize together our full human potential. We valued participating with others in creating relationships that were nourishing and sustaining for all.” Hear more from Dr. Jordan re: the early history Submitted by Judith V. Jordan, PhD, & Harriet L. Schwartz, PhD (3.30.21)